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Clean rooms

Whatever your field of activity, whether you work in industry or in research, you might develop the need for a clean or even sterile working environment.

Labover extends its prefabricated modular lab concept to the field of clean rooms. (See LAAM Video presentation)

It is thus possible to build modular, flexible work premises, on demand, entirely prefabricated for on site installations of less than a week. These modules can later be repositioned which is what is needed in case of temporary application.

The inside accommodations are identical to traditional clean rooms. Certifications go from ISO8 to ISO5.

The modules consist of the certified zones, the uncertified annexes of offices and the service space for the equipment insuring the air filtration and conditioning.

Some of our referencies :

  • PROTEUS (Nimes – France) – biotechnology laboratory
  • INSTITUT DE L’EAU (Montpellier – France)
  • CNRS – NICN (Marseille – France)
  • REGIE LINGE (Romans – France) – sterile laundry
  • BLANRHONE (Ste Consorce – France) – sterile laundry
  • BTB Micronclean (Villejust – France) – sterile laundry
  • DEDIENNE SANTE (Mauguio – France) – manufacturing of orthopedic prostheses
  • CERECO (Garons – France) – analysis laboratory
  • SOMACO (Aix en provence – France) – pharmaceutical industry
  • GAMMA PACKS (Vendargues – France) – pharmaceutical packaging
  • PERRIER (Vergeze – France) – 3 bottling rooms
  • CNRS Montpellier (Montpellier – France) – Geology laboratory
  • PRESTEHYG (St Martin de Londres- France) – hygiene
  • CIRAD (Montpellier – France) – animal facility
  • AFSSAPS (Vendargues – France) – animal facility
  • IRD Montpellier (Montpellier – France) – animal facility
  • EXSYMOL (Monaco) – animal facility


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