The range distributed by Labover, cover the complete range of laboratory needs : apparatus, reagents and chemicals, glassware small equipment, plastic and consumable.


Since always, Labover is attached to offer a range of materials for laboratories, most relevant in term of quality and price.

Here is a selection, non exhaustive, of what we offer:

  • Agitator homogeneisor and crushing: IKA, Stuart, Heidolph, VWR Collection, Waring Blendor
  • Agroalimentary analysis: Selecta
  • Water analysis, turbidimeter: Hach, WTW
  • Autoclave: Systec
  • Autowasher of medical laboratory: Miele, Getinge
  • Cleaning vat with ultrasonic sounds: Selecta, VWR Collection
  • Duchefa biochimie
  • Industrial balance: Ohaus, Adam
  • Precision and analysis balance: Precisa, Ohaus, Adam
  • Centrifugal machine: Thermo Scientific
  • Chromatography with thin layers: Camag
  • Tank for spectrometer: Hellma
  • Distilled water, ultra pure water: Elga, Aquadem
  • Electrochemistry titration: Hach Lange, Crison
  • Electrochemistry (laboratory and ground): Mettler Hach, Lange
  • Electrophorèse: Apelex
  • Recorder: JRI
  • Sterelizer and bacteriology: Froilabo
  • Turn evaporator: Buchi, Heidolph
  • Filtration: Sartorius, Whatman
  • Oven: Stuart, Carbolite
  • Cold -80°C -100°C: Thermo, Froilabo, Fryka
  • Active coal hood: Faster, Erlab, Trionyx
  • Hood with laminar flood: Faster , Thermo Scientific
  • Scientific imagery: Clara Vision, Cofemo
  • Experiment liquid samples: Brand, Thermo Scientific, Optifix, Starlab
  • Laboratory material: VWR Collection
  • Microbiology: Valdea Biosciences
  • Microscope: Zeiss, Realux
  • Medical furniture for laboratory: Promotal, Vog
  • Œnology: Selecta, Gibertini
  • PCR: Techne
  • Photometer with flame: Jenway
  • Empty pump and reductor: KNF
  • Empty pump: Edwards
  • Fridge and freezer: Liebherr
  • Temperature regulator: Lauda, VWR Collection, Julabo
  • Sits and stool of laboratory: Kor, Kango
  • Spectophotometer: Jenway, Biochrom, Jasco
  • Sieve: Retsch
  • Thermometer-hygrometer-anemometer: Testo
  • Ultraviolet: Vilbert Lourmat

Labover commercial team, resulting the world of research, is at your disposal to recommend you in the field as pointed as biotechnologies, water analysis, oenology, or sterilization in medical environment. But also in agroalimentary, chemical, pharmaceutical or petrochemistery, in hospitals, medical private clinics and medical analysis laboratories. According to the cases and with your request, we can organize a material demonstration in your laboratory.

Reagents – chemicals – alcohols

  • • Reagents – chemicals – alcohols: Carlo Erba, Prolabo, Merck, Acros, Fisher, API, Alfa Aesar, Bioreagent, Kalys, Duchefa
  • • Detergents – desinfecting: Neodisher
  • • Colouring: R.A.L.
  • • Industrial products: on demand
  • • Culture : PAA, Kalys, Duchefa, Becton Dickinson
  • • Other origins: please contact us


  • • Glasware: Pyrex, MBL, TGI, Lenz, SIMAX, BOMAX


  • • Consumable: Azlon, Gosselin, Kartell, Simport, VWR Collection, Starlab, Sartorius, Fisher Brand


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